Thursday, April 28, 2011

4th Batch - GiveAway! [finale]

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hye guys..
Come and join me to get involved in this final giveaway.
grab this chances to win the best prizes.
the prizes as shown above.

I would like to choose satin cotton because satin cotton make me more comfortable
when wearing this kind of cotton.
Usually,i'll make baju kurung from satin cotton.I prefer baju kurung
than baju kebaya because baju kurung can matching at anywhere and
everywhere.Baju kurung is suitable at office,colleges,university and any event whether it's formal or not.
So,it's make me easy and more confident in whatever i do.
When we are wearing baju kurung it can unleash our personal style.
But,most of people now a days like a dress or blouse compare to baju kurung or traditional dress because it easy for them to move.Maybe they does not love to wearing that kind of dress because they think wearing like that make them hot.That's the reason why i choose satin cotton.Satin cotton is very suitable type of cotton because the cotton will not make me feel hot eventhough the wheather now is very hot.
The cotton even make us feel cool and good when wearing a clothes made from satin cotton.If you don't believe me,u can try by yourself.You will feel how i feel when i wearing baju kurung from satin cotton.
Then,you will change your mind.I know all of us,have different perception about their style.It's up to you to choose what is the best for you.(=

ok...for the owner of Hammieheartshoppe, i wish

May Allah bless you and your family.
All the best to you.
keep on moving forward.
Don't give up in your life or whatever you do ok.
I hope your business will become better than before and you become a succesful business woman in the future.What you need to be a succes person is just a support from your family and fellow friends.
The most important keys to succes is "Do with all your heart and never give up"

Here is my suggestion on how to expand your businness.
May it's work for you.

-Make sure you're maintaining a consistent bottom-line profit and
that you've shown steady growth over the past few years.
-I think you should look at the trends, both economic and consumer,
for indications on your company's staying power.You have to attract
consumer to buys your product and will give you a lots of benifits.
-In my opinion,when you make giveaway next times,ask they participate to
like your fb "Fanpage" and share your product at their wall.
So,it can publish your product well to the people out there.

This is my suggestion in order to improve your business.
I hope it can help you a lots.
Thank you..

close date:
29 april 2011
(8.00 pm)

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